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[So, Giovanni's gotten fairly used to this whole Luceti thing. He can't say he's perfectly adjusted to the place, but he's kind of gotten the impression that even people who have been there longer than him haven't perfectly adjusted to the place, so!

Presumably, any other Dex Holders in Luceti would have been alerted to his presence by now. Or, at least, he thinks so, anyway. It was kind of hard to tell, given how that... reunion... went. Either way, there's no point in continuing to avoid posting to the network now.

So, why not?]


Well, I can't exactly say this is a welcome change of pace, but there isn't much to be done about that, is there? Well, I'm a "New Feather," as I'm told they're called, but I believe I have a pretty good handle on the situation.

Anyway, I have two things to ask of you all, though I suppose I ought to introduce myself before I get into that. My name is Giovanni, and I'm from what some of you would know as the world of Pokemon. Perhaps you've heard of me? Well, anyway-for the first question... if anyone has seen two Pokemon without trainers around, they're probably mine. If you're not sure what a Pokemon is... well, they're creatures, basically. I've been finding it a bit difficult to describe them to people who don't already know what they are.

Which brings me to my next point... really, I couldn't have dreamed of a world without Pokemon before coming here, but it seems as though quite a few worlds are like that. It's rather strange, but I'm finding it very interesting to learn more about worlds different from mine. If you have a little time, could you tell me about your world? If nothing else, just a fact or two.


[Annnd yeah, he's going to be roaming around the village plaza, Community House 1, and... basically anywhere looking for those last few Pokemon. Of course, it's been a short enough time that he's not terribly frantic about it-not that he'd be frantic anyway. Wherever he is, he's bound to be up for a chat about rocks. And really, why not talk to the classy, legitimate gentleman who is most certainly not a criminal in any way? It can't possibly go wrong!]
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out of character;

「Backtagging?」 I live for backtagging. I am not super fast but I will backtag you forever!
「Threadhopping?」 Not a problem!
「Is there anything you do no want mentioned around this character? || Fourth Wall Breakage?」 Nothing that I can think of! And yeah, I'm okay with fourth-walling.
「Offensive subjects?」 I don't really have anything that would seriously bug me.

in character;

「Hugging this character」 Sure, why not.
「Kissing this character」 I don't have a problem with it.
「Flirting with this character」 Of course.
「Fighting with this character?」 He is a Pokemon character, they live for fighting!
「Punching this character (provided they can fight back)?」 Yeah, sure, he can take it.
「Injuring/killing/etc. this character?」 Ask me first. I don't really want this to happen without warning!
「Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character?」 Again, ask me first.
「Triggers?」 I don't think so.
「Medical info?」 He has some kind of weird soap opera disease that's slowly killing him or something. It flares up... pretty randomly.
「Using magic on this character?」 Ask me first! I'm pretty cool with hilarious things happening to my characters, though, so I will probably say 'yes.'
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Name/Nickname: Ran
Age: 21
Dreamwidth Username: N/A
Contact: AIM: TungstenSamurai, Plurk: RandomProphet
Current Characters in Game: N/A
Do You Need A Invite Code?: N/A

Character Name: Giovanni
Canon: Pokemon Adventures
Age: About 35-ish.
Appearance: here's a picture!
Canon Point: Immediately post-Ruby/Sapphire
History: Wiki
AU History: N/A
Personality: Giovanni is very much what one would expect of the head of a far-reaching criminal organization. He’s cold, calculating, and cruel, and will do whatever it takes to reach his goals-which mainly involve gaining large amounts of money and power. Of course, it’s entirely possible that one wouldn’t know that upon first meeting him-when interacting with those who don’t know of his illicit dealings, he can come off as affable, intelligent, cultured, and even charming… if a bit dorky and easily pushed around.

Of course, in all probability, it’s an act designed to throw those people off their guard so he can figure out what makes them tick. He’s not entirely above attacking family members of his opponents to get them to comply with his plans or using similar underhanded tactics. He is exceptional at figuring out his opponents’ minds, and is incredibly good at planning out fights right down to how many seconds it will take to defeat an opponent or to dodge a move. He’s also good at planning heists and schemes of various sorts… although, they can seem a bit… out there. But what can you expect from a man who has an airship with a fold-out midair battle stadium and who can use a motto like “Raid On the City Knock Out Evil Tusks” without bursting into laughter halfway through?

Oddly enough, though, he does have something of a sense of honor. He respects powerful enemies rather than considering them worthless, and will even make them offers to join his organization rather than suffer inevitable defeat at his hands. Of course, if they refuse, he won’t pursue it-while he’s incredibly stubborn, he doesn’t go after things that are very obviously impossible. Nonhuman opponents are less lucky; he’s liable to simply kill Pokemon that get in his way, and while he’s fond of certain members of his team, he won’t hesitate to conduct cruel experiments on them if it’ll get him an advantage.

If he’s simply outmatched, he’ll swallow his pride and retreat until a more opportune moment, but he won’t give up on it. He’s usually rational-minded, but there are a few occasions where his emotions can get the best of him. If someone does manage to defeat him, he will have nothing but utmost respect for that person, and will occasionally even help them out in a sticky situation-though, usually only if it benefits his plans. He also tends to be a bit of a backseat driver, both when it comes to non-combat and combat situations. When watching someone fight, he usually gives them (fairly decent) advice that they may or may not want; when in a fight himself, he’ll usually critique his opponent’s fighting style. He’s fairly studious, as well: he specializes in Ground-type Pokemon, and wrote a book filled with his research and observations on them.

While he’s ruthless, he’s not unnecessarily cruel; he does what he deems necessary to accomplish his goals. He’s also of the belief that well-treated (human) subordinates produce better results. While he will berate them for failure, he doesn’t abuse them, and he firmly believes in rewarding good service. Rather than offing subordinates who fail him, he usually sends them off for more training. He even seems to have kept around a trio of known failures (sadly, these failures are not named Jessie, James, and Meowth)… Of course, all bets are off if you actually betray him, in which case, well… he probably won’t kill you right away. He also cares deeply for his family members, in particular his missing son, Silver. He’s basically willing to do anything he can to track him down, including completely messing up a few islands. But really, when you’re hell bent on taking over a region for reasons that basically seem to amount to “for the hell of it,” what are a few islands anyway? Especially when you have some sort of fatal illness out of nowhere. Damn, that sucks.

Abilities: N/A.
Payment to Yubaba
Memory: 10 needed
1. Silver's name.
2. Silver's appearance.
3. The fact that Silver got kidnapped. So, in other words, he'll remember he has a kid, he will just remember exactly jack shit about him.
4. He will forget that Beedrill is significant in any way, leaving him wondering why he has a giant bee on his team. (Then again, why not?)
5. His standing in Team Rocket. He will remember that he's part of the Team, but not that he's the boss.
6. Losing to Red. He will remember that Red exists, but not his significance.
7. Being a gym leader.
8. How Rhydon evolves into Rhyperior. This is kind of significant because he’s the one who discovered it.
9. Mewtwo’s very existence. Like in the anime, Team Rocket created Mewtwo, but circumstances were, uh, different.
10. THE POKEMON FROM SPAAAACE, Deoxys. AKA his current biological superweapon.

New Name: Van, because it's right in the middle of his name. Why not.

First Person: [text]
Ah. Well, this is unusual! It's not every day that you take a wrong turn and end up in some sort of... what is this, exactly? Is this some sort of time/space distortion? I suppose that's not completely impossible, but I never imagined it would involve some form of employment, much less one that doesn't involve Pokemon in some way.

Well, I suppose that's better than what the myths about that sort of thing imply, even if I'm not particularly pleased with this turn of events. These uniforms lack a certain something, don't you think?
Third Person: Giovanni was not the sort to wear his heart on his sleeve. He had quite the poker face, even if that poker face was comprised of indomidable smugness. Unfortunately, though, something about this place was causing that to wear thin. He'd never had a problem with extortion, exactly, because that came with being part of Team Rocket. He wasn't naive enough to say that it became a problem when other people did it—but something about holding someone's memories hostage didn't sit well with him.

That feeling was becoming increasingly apparent as he stared at the photograph he'd bought with his earnings. It was of him, a Sneasel, and a boy-the last of which he recognized as his son.

The gaps in his memory had been somewhat incomplete, in that they'd left him knowing that he had a son without knowing anything else about him. This, at least, had filled in the details of his appearance, but he still barely remembered anything else... not even his name.

...well. There was no reason to get sentimental, was there? He put it out of his mind as he slipped the photograph into his pocket and headed back to work. He'd just have to get crafty and buy his way out of there. Pokemon were, unfortunately, not as much of an option as he would like, but there were other ways to get around this. He knew that working in the bathouse proper wasn't going to pay much, so it was time to think outside the box and take some risks.

Or, at the very least, cheat some innocent people out of their hard-earned money. That was good to start with. To end with, though... well, that was for another time.
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[Being a mob boss-even a former one-has certain perks... like getting people who just happen to overhear something to tell him what that something is.

...ah, will he ever miss the life of crime. Nevertheless, today is a bit of a special day, and it is going to involve dragging Cyrus out of the house. Possibly to get absolutely shitfaced, because Giovanni has a sneaking suspicion that Cyrus just does not do birthdays and that man just needs to have fun every once in a while.

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[So, Giovanni has found a pretty nice new residence on the outskirts of the plains! Thank you, Island, you are a pal.

...it's still pretty small for his tastes, though... he might want to expand it a little more. So he's currently outside surveying the surrounding area and planning.

...because what the hell else is he going to plan these days.]
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So here it is! Copypaste the handy dandy text area, fill out your info, and you're ready to go.

There will be two forms here: a shorter general sign-up one for Team Rocket characters (because they'll be doling out most of the violence obviously) and a permissions form for everyone else. Team Rocket characters who sign up should friend this journal. I'll be compiling permissions and posting a flocked plotting entry this weekend detailing what you're allowed to do to people who signed up.

General permissions

Rocket Permissions
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Takes place a week or so after this thread.

[well. that had certainly been... eventful. He goes to Sinnoh with some associates to get some information on the region's legends for a year or so, and then... out of nowhere, he suddenly feels compelled to go to the Sinjoh ruins, where he finds-

...he doesn't know what to make of it. There are so many things that finding his son's apparently discarded handkerchief with a Pokegear number on it could mean. Even if Silver's alright... well. He doesn't even know if Silver wants to see him. It's not like Silver's automatically responsible for... whatever that was.

...he somewhat doubts it. But, now that he has two things he should probably get back to his son... after getting back to Saffron and preparing for the worst, he hesitantly dials the number. If it isn't Silver's, it's probably someone who can tell him where to find him.

...what to say, though.]
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Threadhopping with this character - yes/no/other?: Sure, I don't mind! Might be best to ask first in case Giovanni and someone from Team Rocket are discussing something Important, although... honestly I think it'd be pretty funny if some random person/Pokemon just wandered into one of his plotting sessions. So, if you feel like surprising me, surprise me. If that's what happens be sure to check with the other mun, though.
Backtagging with this character - yes/no/other?: I'd prefer you ask first? Some posts/threads are pretty easy for me to get back into, but others I'll be completely braindead over. It's not that I wouldn't want to, it's... that I wouldn't be able to. If that makes sense.
Hugging this character?: ...UHHH SURE? Other than Silver I'm having a pretty tough time imagining this ever happening. Giovanni will be pretty cool with it though. A little physical affection never hurt anyone. ...unless you're trying to stab him in the back or something, oh shit. Also you don't have to tell me in advance or anything unless you actually are trying to stab him in the back. Surprise me, I'll probably find it hilarious.
Giving this character a kiss?: Basically same as above, except in this case I'm a little less open to being surprised. If we've been threading for ages and we've talked about how our characters have A+ chemistry then go for it, but if he doesn't know the character at all I'll be very "...wut." Unless it's done in a hilarious way. Anyway Giovanni probably won't care so.
Punching this character (provided they can fight back): YES DO IT he probably deserves it. He'll usually just snark about it unless you try to beat the shit out of him, at which point he will open up a can of whoopass and... maybe get hit with that Soap Opera Disease at the worst possible moment. Oh Giovanni.
Is there anything you do not want mentioned near this character?: ...honestly Giovanni can take anything. And if it's so out there that he can't take it then it will be fun to play out.
Is there anything you need us to know about interacting with this character? Special physical features, fighting abilities, STUFF: HE IS A SEXY BASTARD I mean he is probably more attractive than how Yamamoto draws him ahaha. At least I'm assuming. If it is wintery on Awesome Island he will probably be wearing that delicious HGSS outfit and if not... uh... at least he took the R off his suit for the time being.

He'll probably start looking pretty bad soon-ish due to Soap Opera Disease. I'll probably edit any physical changes in here when that starts.

He's actually pretty good at fighting on his own, although I don't know if that'll ever come up : |a IDK maybe.

He is also very good at embroidery. This is perfectly manly what are you talking about does he have to get out the cement.
Anything else, please mention here: PLEASE talk to me if you have any sort of problem with anything I'm doing in our threads. It is very easy to reach me at TungstenSamurai on AIM, and if you don't have AIM PM me. I am v. flexible, so I'm willing to rewrite tags/go in another direction/whatever.


Dec. 27th, 2009 03:32 pm
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Am I being as awesome as I should be? Do you have any issues with the way I'm playing Giovanni? Hit me up, then! Anon is enabled and comments are screened.

Please, rip me a new one if you think I deserve it. I want do do this right so : |d
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